As part of NATO’s transition from a military to a civilian career, NATO’s Office in Ukraine, through the ZOOM platform, held an online closing ceremony of 10 vocational training courses for 274 servicemen majoring in Management, English, Marketing of Goods and Services, Security Management Business, Communication and Information Technology, Transportation Management and Logistics.

The closing ceremony of the regional military training courses was opened by Mr. Marcin Kozhel, NATO Coordinator for the Transition from Military to Civilian and the NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package, NATO Headquarters.

Welcoming speeches were also made by:

  • Mr. Oleksiy Illyashenko, Deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs for European Integration, Ministry for Veterans Affairs
  • Serhiy Kucherenko, Head of the Department for Social Policy, Department of Military Education, Science, Social and Humanitarian Policy, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • Mr. Serhiy Matyukh, the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Rector of Khmelnytskyi National University
  • Colonel Serhiy Vasylenko, Director of the Department of Labor and Social Protection, Mykolayiv City Council
  • Colonel Yuriy Kravchenko, Head of the Sector for Civil Defense, Mobilization and Defense Work, Executive Committee of the Ship District Council of KhersonThe concluding speech was made by Mrs. Oleksandra Ogorodnikova, Head of the NATO Program for the Transition from Military to Civilian Care, NATO Mission in Ukraine.Since 2000, NATO has supported Ukraine in implementing the Social Adaptation and Retraining Program for ex-servicemen and those who plan to leave the military and are keen on  increasing their chances of employment in the civil sphere.

    Under the NATO Program there may receive training the professional soldiers scheduled to be discharged from the military within one year from the start date of the course and professional servicemen who have left the service for 3 years before the start of the course. NATO’s Social Adaptation has expanded its admission criteria to include professional soldiers who left the Armed Forces during the last 10 years from the start date of the course, become members of the ATO / OOS and are scheduled to be released within a year from the start date.

    During these years, the courses were held in more than 65 cities and towns throughout Ukraine. Nowadays, about 12,000 ex-servicemen have been trained under the NATO Retraining Program.

    Besides the retraining, the purpose of the Program is also to provide assistance for persons discharged from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their career guidance and job search for civil specialties. Over 20 years of operation, the program has helped an average of 75% of graduates to successfully reintegrate and find employment in the civilian labor market.


    Khmelnytskyi Retraining and Social Adaptation Center

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