The Regional Center for Retraining and Employment (Khmelnytskyi RCRE), established in 1997 on the basis of Podillya University of Technology, participated in the implementation of the EUDK 9301 project “Support for retraining and employment of former officers in Ukraine”, initiated by TACIS.

During 1997-2002, 1985 people were retrained inthe Khmelnytsky RCRE. In the areas of full-time training  there were retrained 67 people in the specializations “Fundamentals of SME creation and management”, “Computer training of users” – 829 people, “Accounting with computer support” – 97 people, “Secretary-referent” – 104 people, “Business English” – 22 people.

During 1997-2002, 372 former servicemen and members of their families were employed after the retraining, 235 people without retraining, and 37 people improved their official position at enterprises after retraining (received promotions).

The experience of the Khmelnytsky RCRE in the field of social adaptation of servicemen and members of their families can be characterized by the following stages of its activity:

– 1998 – conducting pilot projects for retraining and employment assistance, creation of a business incubator, creation of a training company, creation of the Personnel Agency “Career”;

– 1999 – participation in the creation of the public organization “Podillya the First”;

– 1999-2001 – development and implementation of new courses of retraining and retraining (accounting and finance with computer training (1C); computer training (with the study of basic office programs, Internet); intensive study of English; secretary- clerk (PC, office equipment + office work + business etiquette); programming on “DELPHI”).

– 2002 – holding the first Job Fair, consulting services in the field of employment.

Assistance of Khmelnytskyi RCRE in creation and support of public organization “Podillya the First” was carried out in the directions: registration of association, development of the program, the charter, a logo, production of the press, the help in creation of a cluster, providing at the stage of formation of the legal address, office and equipment RCRE. The main activities of this association were to stimulate the creation and development of small and medium enterprises in the Khmelnytskyi region by uniting in “clusters”, search and assistance in obtaining technical assistance to small and medium enterprises; conducting joint activities to support the interests of small and medium enterprises in public and private circles, involving various international programs.

The creation of an association of business structures should be singled out among the main activities of the association: construction cluster, garment cluster, food cluster, tourism cluster